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  • 23 hours ago

    Started previfem, is this normal?

    I started previfem the first day of my period (3/7). My usual cycle is 6 days. My period was totally normal, however, after day 7, its gotten very light and I'm spotting and having brown discharge. But its not a bright red spotting. Is this normal? I'm also feeling bloated, with breast tenderness. I know irregular bleeding can occur but its been almost 2 weeks and I'm going crazy! I should also add I took a pregnancy test 3/5 just to be sure before I started the pill, and it was negative....
  • 2 days ago

    Period Issues

    I forgot to take my birth control pills twice last month. I ended up having a period for 2 weeks instead of my normal 5 days. Here it is a month later & i was supposed to get my period thursday as always but im a day late. Do i not get it this month because of last months situation or is it just late?
  • 5 days ago

    Ovaries removed

    Thinking of having my ovaries removed because of constant pain from ovarian cysts is this what I should do?
  • 13 days ago


    Female-30-135lbs-5'3 I have had my period since I was 12 and it has been heavy, PAINFUL, increased pain on the left side, sometimes thick blood, hot flashes, irritability, insomnia, and irregular. History- at 21 I got pregnant had a miscarriage. My body wasn't reacting to the miscarriage, my doctor suggested DNC. I went ahead with a heavy heart and the doctor ended up leaving product of the miscarriage in me that resulted in another DNC next morning where they removed a grapefruit sized blood....
  • 18 days ago

    haven't started my period and I'm 18

    Hi I'm 18 and I haven't started my period I had went to a doctor when I was 16 years and the doctor said I had pcos is but he did no blood work he looked at my arms and my face and said I had it. Iv been worried about it for a while. And Iv had no sign of a period. What should I do. I need answers ASAP.
  • 24 days ago

    Vaginal Bleeding

    I had my menstrual cycle this month from February 6th to February 15th. It was a little heavier and lasted longer than usual. My cycle is usually 7 days long. Last night ( February 22nd) I felt some slight burning inside my vagina. Felt as if a UTI was coming on so I drank plenty of water and the pain subsided. Later that night I struggled a little to pass a bowel movement. Shortly after, I noticed I started bleeding from my vagina. There was a blood clot and medium flow bleeding as I wiped myself....
  • 1 month ago

    Period problems, aching body and thyroid (long question)

    For the past 4/5 years I've had painful heavy periods, and the past 2 year or so they've been coming a week early, on time and up to 3 weeks late. Also just before them I've been getting like a numb sensation in my legs and feeling faint (usually just lasts a day). At Christmas I thought I had what was flu symptoms(body aches, 8runny nose and nausea, unable to get out of bed), lasting 3 days, but after the 3 days my period came, I didn't think anything of this untill all day yesterday....
  • 1 month ago

    Vaginal bleeding

    I'm 17, and I have a irregular period cycle, it comes and goes as it pleases. And it will come for how ever long it wants (longest was two weeks) and it comes at a constant flow, and i bleed almost every time i have intercourse and sometimes even after. I am a carrier for hemophilia and i dont know if this could be a symptom of carrying it? Please tell me some answers, thank you.
  • 1 month ago

    Got my period after 6 years of anorexia despite still restricting and being underweight

    So, I got my period first time in about 5-6 years (anorexia) and I am shocked because I don’t see a reason why and I suspect it may be caused by the medicine/herbs I take - do you think it’s possible? I take ashwaganda, licorice (a lot as tea), vit D and B12, essential amino acids, kelp (for iodine), lamotrigine, piracetam and escilapotram. I am still underweight and anorexic and nowhere near my goal weight (at which I had my period naturally). I’m also vegan and eat a very low fat diet (so that....
  • 1 month ago


    On combined birth control pill (marvelon) In my last pack, I missed 3 days worth of pills and began bleeding. I only had 5 left to go in the pack (not including the missed pills - from the day I realised) and took the advice in my leaflet that came with them to not have the 7 day break and instead continue with the next pack immediately. Since the bleeding started, I have been very good with my pills and taken them every day. However, it is now day 8 of what feels very long and drawn out (although....