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  • 25 days ago


    I suffer from irregular periods. Well I have been suffering lately from an uncomfortable feeling of urgency to urinate all the time and a burning sensation in my lower right pelvic area. I have had some nausea feeling also. I also have some tenderness in the area of my pelvic as previous mentioned. I am wondering if I may be suffering from a cyst on my ovary or anything abnormal of the reproductive matter. Any clues or similar circumstances?
  • 1 month ago


    idk just dying
  • 2 months ago

    Irregular period

    Hello I'm 22 and i have a question about the irregularity of my menstrual cycle and I'm concerned about what could be causing it, and im wondering if seeing a doctor would be a good idea. I've never had regular periods, there's times where i have one that lasts 2-3 weeks at a time, and other times where i don't have a period for 3-4 months. But when i do have one, it's always accompanied by severe cramps that are debilitating and very heavy bleeding. I'm curious, could....
  • 2 months ago

    2 periods in month

    I do take BC & yes I have an alarm so I don't miss any. That being said I always start Thursday or Friday after starting my active pills. Been on BC for 4 years & it's been this way but now for last 2 months I have my period but then start again around 5-7 days later & go for 2-3 days. Is this normal due to my age (29) ? I'm married & Dr said we could have sex during my inactive pills but now I'm not sure what's up with my body
  • 3 months ago


    My deposit shot was due August 23 into September 6 2018 I didn't come on September and October I spot light one day then two day later I came on for two day and haven't came on since why
  • 3 months ago


    I had protected sex almost 3 weeks ago. I am due to start my period in 4 days but today there was a little bit of pink in my watery CM. I have been really stressed lately but idk if that plays a role or not. I have no other symptoms besides acne and more stress. I am also very tired from a lack of sleep... What can this all mean?
  • 4 months ago

    Missed period by period symptoms

    I stopped taking my birth control a month ago and was supposed to get my period this past week. It is several days late and has still not yet arrived. However, I am feeling period symptoms, bloating, increased secretions, and it feels like I am bleeding but when I check there is nothing. I am not sure if it is post pill amenorrhea and if you would even have symptoms of your period coming with this. Has anyone had any experiences like this, ideas what may be causing this, or ways to help your period....
  • 4 months ago

    Missed period but negative tests

    For the past 2 weeks ive been nauseasted all day have heartburn headaches boobs hurt sometimes.. I went to the doctor this past friday and they took a blood test that showed a result of
  • 5 months ago


    Last night, I had such an awful stomach ache and I could barely breathe. It lasted for a few hours then I fell asleep. When I woke up, I had gotten my period. It looked really black and stayed that color all day. I stopped bleeding around 5, and tonight, I'm not even bleeding at all. Last month, I missed a considerable amount of birth control pills. Any clue of what this could be?
  • 6 months ago

    Tilted Uterus

    Evening. I’m concerned about my “tilted uterus” per my OB. Little history. 36 with 3 kids. Tubal ligation for approximately 12 years. I had a tubal ligation reversal March 2017. Conceived in November of the same year to only lose the pregnancy about 3 weeks later. Sometime in February-March I noticed a foul odor post sex with brown discharge accompanying it. I have taken trips to the ER and my OB for it - multiple times- for them to tell me it’s “normal” due to my tilted uterus. I’ve been given no....