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  • 17 hours ago

    How Does Organic Fungus Nuker Work For You?

    Naturally, it has the blend of 25 antifungal superfoods to add the health and wellness benefits like enhancement in cognitive function, anti-inflammatory proprieties, antioxidant activity, boosts power degree and a lot more. As soon as you begin taking this Organic Fungus Myco Nuker Japanese natural treatment, sure your nails turn healthy and balanced, shiny pink as well as rejuvenate your body inside out by surging brand-new level of vitality and also energy to regain your life in couple of days....
  • 17 hours ago

    What are the Benefits of TestoNemax?

    The main benefits of using TestoNemax given below: There may be far better sex-related self-confidence, stamina and also energy. One may see boosted remaining power throughout sex. There may be boosted sexual excitement amongst the customers. One can see enhanced orgasm strength. To buy TestoNemax visit official website
  • 18 hours ago

    Santege Male Enhancement Reviews, Conveniences And Energetic Ingredients.

    Increase your s3xual performance and also last much longer in bed with Santege. Get strong and tough promptly to minimize erectile dysfunction problems naturally. A scientific research reveals that erectile dysfunction influences 50% of pairs. Aging disrupts male s3xual health causing reduced libido, a poor efficiency in bed, premature ejaculation as well as embarrassment. Thankfully, you can restore all-natural s3x drive as well as enhance s3xual endurance with the testosterone-boosting formula....
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  • 1 month ago

    Lower abdominal pain and no period for 6 months

    Hi guys. So, I'm a 20 year old female and for the past almost 2 years my menstrual cycle has been extremely irregular. My most recent period was in late November. They used to come every 3 months, but it has just gotten worse. I have also been having lower abdominal pain on my right side for the past 5 months. I went to the ER back in March and they found a cyst on my ovary about 2.5 cm. The pain was unbearable. I went back to the ER on June 5th because the pain was back and there was no cyst....
  • 1 month ago


    Three days ago I thought I had contacted food poisoning and was experiencing abdominal pain and constipation. I decided later that I might have a UTI, so I took some amoxicillin I had left over from the last time I thought I had a UTI. (I didn’t) I was fine for two days until this morning when I went to the bathroom and have had cramps and sharp pains since, even after taking the amoxicillin. I also have an upset stomach which started after taking the amoxicillin. Should I be worried about having....
  • 2 months ago

    What are the signs for pre menopause?

    I've been having hot flashes, Sharp pains in my vagina, in lower stomach
  • 4 months ago

    UTI ?

    I had a UTI about 2 years ago and before I had gotten it treated it was the most uncomfortable thing I might have ever experienced, not to mention painful. So after that I had always taken precautions to avoid them and never got one after. On Sunday night I slept with my boyfriend, we both fell asleep like immediately and I didn’t use the bathroom after. On Tuesday afternoon my stomach started to feel a little uncomfortable and I kind of panicked, like this feels like a UTI a little bit, I was at....
  • 4 months ago

    Overactive Bladder

    Any women know about this? What corrected it for you?
  • 4 months ago

    Period question

    Is it normal for my period to be 8 days late then on day 9 start? It started light then got heavier but not like my normal period then got lighter again. I put a pad on before bed then in the morning the pad was clean but there was blood when i peed also the bad cramps are gone and there is a sharo pain in my lower left abdomen. Is this normal or do i need to go to a doctor