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  • To hormone or not to hormone?

    So it's official. Tests have shown that I am in fact, peri-menopausal. I've hit the over 6 month mark since my last period, have been having the hot flashes (so, soooo inconvenient!) , the mood swings, etc. Here's my question. My Doctor told me that if the symptoms become too much, she could put me on hormone therapy, but I'm not sure if that's the best thing. The tests showed that I have almost NO hormones at all - the count was almost non-existent. Other than the hot flashes....
  • Answer to the question about being treated differently by doctors

    I get a feeling by almost all doctors even my psychiatrist that they don't care. Especially if you are a woman like me that is on government insurance. I feel they do just enough to make you feel like they did something but they really are just waiting for us poor people to die. Sorry that sound pretty sour but it's the truth. It's hard to find a doctor that hasn't been trained to tell you that you are ok and it's all in your head. There is a lot of information on Here. For example....
  • 3 days ago

    HealthCare Treatment

    I have been diagnosed w/diabetes,high blood pressure &high cholesterol. I understand that patient's feet are suppose to be checked. Due to my race & status, the medical staff treat me as if I have a disease. Before going to my health facility, I take care of all hygienic concerns. Many of their patients are well-to-do. But I'm probably one of their poorer patient. There are other problems, but I still use there services reluctantly. Frustrated
  • 3 days ago

    Menopause and depression

    I am 56 years old and have been in menopause almost 5 years...i can't handle it anymore!!! Now depression is starting to affect me more often, along with severe flashes and sweating. Any help is appreciated.
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    Why do I still have night sweats and hot flashes?
  • When does this stop?

    Enough already!!!! The crying, the sweating, the crazy.... does it stop when you have reached the 12 month without a period official i'm in menopause mark? I am driving myself nut and everyone else too. I go through days where i cry, days where i sweat, days where i freeze, days where i hate myself, days where i can't stop moving, days where i can't get out of bed.... enough....
  • Menopause

    Hi Let me put it this way: The most effective "treatment" means for menopause, HRT, are the most risky, regardless of studies here and there that may undermine this risk. Another significantly helpful treatment to menopause symptoms, are antidepressants-which you all realize their known drawbacks, in addition to a recently unveiled finding of increasing osteoporosis risk. Threfore, you have to make an informed decision. You need to know menopause is no kidding but an epoch-perhaps seemingly....
  • 7 days ago

    Hot Flashes Forever

    I began taking premarin when I was 35 yrs old. It worked until last year. Night sweats and hot flashes began and were/are truly unbearable. I am now 82. Plan on seeing my Dr. to discuss other options. Are there any suggestions/options that I can pursue?
  • 8 days ago

    Bleeding while in post menopause

    I have not hadn't a period in about three years. A few days ago I felt a tiny burning on my vagina right after urinating with a little pain in my lower abdomen. A week later when I urinated after I wiped there was blood with a few small clots. I am very concerned.
  • 9 days ago

    menopause and all the wonderful side effects

    Hello, everyone - I am almost 56 years old and have had menopausal symptoms for the past almost 11 years. I have tried everything over the counter - black cohash, primrose oils, essential oils - nothing has worked for me. I started Amberen (over the counter) almost a year ago and it has partially worked for my night sweats and hot flashes. I have been fortunate to not have mood swings or the depression (that I can't contribute to other circumstances) but a friend of mine who did used Amberen....