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  • 2 days ago

    Fluid in cervical canal, leave alone?

    I am 55, had a pelvic mri that revealed a 2×1 cm of fluid in my endocervical canal. No other findings and my only symptom was stomach bloating. Can this fluid go away on its own? Also, could that small amount of fluid cause stomach bloating. Im thinking the bloating might be from stress.
  • 23 days ago

    Menopause fatigue even on HRT?

    I have some chronic fatigue issues, and I am 1.5 mg of estrodial. My periods are beginning to go away finally at 53, but I am feeling more fatigued in a unique way. Does anyone who takes HRT, still feel menopause fatigue? Thanks!
  • left side a loss

    I am 46, have not had period for 2 1/2 years, confirmed with my dr I am post menopause. (My mom was 55) Have had left lower abdomen/pelvic pain in ovary area for 2 + years. Have had two ultrasounds (one in Jan 2019 and one this month). Both negative for any findings. I had a colonoscopy in July 2019, zero problems with colon. I had a pelvic/pap exam in Aug this year, negative on everything. Full blown blood panel, no problems. I've been to two family doctors and a well recommended gyno this year....
  • 23 days ago

    Premenstrual? Or Not?

    Im in my mid 40's and engaged to a wonderful man.. For the past month we have been fighting with dryness during intimacy and on my end i get a sandpaper feel inside and its so very uncomfortable and painful. . Its frustrating and I'm so confused because the attraction is there.. Any suggestions on what i can try to fix this problem ...
  • 2 months ago


    I'm 33 have 1 child who is 10 had my tubes tied after her and I haven't had a period in 2 years my gy n says I'm not in early menopause then what could it be I'm on birth control to get my hormones in order something isn't right
  • 2 months ago


    Having a late menopause age 59. Dr Minkin was so kind in helping me a few years ago when I was concerned about late menopause so any advice would be so appreciated now. Two very scanty periods this year, really just yellow brown spotting, and several PMS episodes. Seen Gynaecologist as I was worried about bleeding and wanted to ensure it was normal. TV scan showed possible small Polyp 1 cm by 1/2 cm. Lining was 6mm on internal scan (5mm on pelvic scan ) Ovaries small. I had a Polypectomy and Hysteroscopy....
  • 55, Desperately need hormones, can't afford! No one covers, can't use PP because disabled and on Medicare.

    Hi I am 55 in menopause. Have horrible hot flashes, haven't slept well in about 8 months, oh, and I'm suicidally depressed. Chances are good my life could be saved by hormones. But I am on fixed income and no one covers hormones for aging women! They cover hormones if you need a gender change, they even cover little blue pills for men! I am here to beg the pharmaceutical companies, research people and whoever else is involved with making the decisions to not cover hormones for aging women....
  • REALLY heavy period after stopping birth control (after initial withdrawal bleed)

    All my life I’ve had light periods (one regular sized tampon could last me most of the day and I’d only really bleed the first three days, then mostly spot the next two). Now I am almost 32 and I’ve had two kids (was either on birth control or pregnant for like 4.5 years) and I just stopped taking the mini pill (progestin only) two months ago. Last month I had a withdrawal bleed, which was light, maybe even a little lighter than a normal period. But yesterday my period started again and it’s been....
  • 2 months ago

    Bleeding 14 days after period on cyclical HRT and lining 15mm mid cycle

    I am on cyclical HRT and had my period and then this month got it again as I started the Progesterone on day 14. I did have a change in my thyroid meds from snythroid to armour thyroid and not sure if that has anything to do with it.. Also while changing thyroid meds I had a heavy period which I usually don't have. It is usually normal. Now I had a period and 14 days later another period. Went for an ultrasound today and the tech said my lining was 15. .I will get the report tomorrow. .Seen my....
  • 2 months ago

    Spotting at 40

    Hi am 40 in the last 3 month I noticed in the middle of my cycle that when i wipe after a wee there is a small amount of blood nothing like a period as i dont have to wear sanitary products some times its streaks in my normal discharge or just a dark brown discharge like a end of period , my periods are regular had a few more heavier and a bit clotty than usual ...Am worried have visited doc ,smear up to date going back for my bloods to check hormones level and refered for a scan . Anyone had anything....