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  • 2 days ago

    Using dangerous blue pills turning friends into *** buddies

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  • 1 month ago

    Introducing Our WebMD Doctors!

    Hi All, You may have noticed some new faces answering some of your questions here in the last few weeks. We are so excited to welcome our awesome WebMD doctors to the boards! We have a REALLY great team of doctors at WebMD who are so incredibly kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and excited to be a part of the conversations here. A quick introduction: Arefa Cassoobhoy, MD, MPH, is a medical editor at WebMD and a member of the Advisory Board of Medscape Internal Medicine. Cassoobhoy is a board-certified....
  • Spotting in Menopause??

    Hello, I am a 50 year old female with a long history of medical issues related to reproduction including ovarian cysts. I have not had a period for over two months. It was regular up to that point. Two weeks ago I had breast pain, headache and lower back pain and was convinced that I would get my period, it never came but since that day I have had light spotting every day, mostly in the morning and sporadic back discomfort. I do experience periodic night sweats where I wake up either drenched or....
  • 11 days ago

    Worried about endometriosis

    I've been having pain on my lower right side, in my pelvis, for two months. And this past week I've woke up several times during the night soaked in sweat. I have a family history of endometriosis on both sides- my mother and my paternal grandmother both had hysterectomies when they were around my age (I'm 30). My last pap was 2 years ago and I had a spot on my cervix frozen. I've always had heavy, painful periods, and I used to take birth control, but I stopped taking it four months....
  • 12 days ago

    Should I be worried

    I've been having pain lately on my lower right side, in my pelvis. I have a family history of endometriosis on both sides- my mother and my paternal grandmother both had hysterectomies when they were around my age (I'm 30). My last pap was 2 years ago and I had a spot on my cervix frozen. Do you think it's endometriosis or something else?
  • 16 days ago

    D and C recovery

    I recently had a D and C, bc I have endometriosis. It has been 5 weeks since I had it done, along with a laposcopy. I was instructed to not have intercourse for 6 weeks. Anyways My ordeal is, is I am still experiencing a light brown discharge...I don't like it, and it doesn't exactly have a smell but it just is still there and Im wondering how long it will be there. Everything I read just says few days up to 2 weeks of it, but here I am on week 5 and its still happening. Is this normal and....
  • 19 days ago

    Irregular Period

    Hi! So my past few period (2-3 periods) have been changing although they used to be pretty set at the end of the month. The last few have been getting earlier and earlier, this week it came about a week before my last. It started very light and somewhat pink (not a whole lot of brown but it was there) I am scared I'm spotting. But now, I am bleeding like normal. That definitely reassured me I am not pregnant. Now I am thrown off... the last few periods I have had severe cramping, so bad I was....
  • 22 days ago


    Hello, for the last week i have had cramps in my lower pelvic area and a dull achy pain on my right side. It sometimes radiates to my back. The pain is only dull and is not that severe but when i push on the area it feels like a slight stabbing type pain. The cramps seem to be worse when i wake up and at night when im laying on my left side. I am on birth control pills for my bad cramps and will be getting my period in a week and a half. Please help me figure out what this is because it is very bothersome....
  • 25 days ago

    30 day period, 12 days not bleeding, period has started again

    I use a period tracker, I have for 2+ years, and my periods are almost always 6 bleeding days. My most recent period had 30 bleeding days before I stopped. I had a 12 day break, and then my period started again! I had severe cramps and breast pain for a few days before the second period started. Im naturally anemic, and I've had ovarian cysts before. My mother had endometriosis and had to have an hysterectomy because of it. Many uterine medical issues run in my family. Should I see my doctor....
  • 1 month ago

    Joys of being a woman

    I haven't had a period in 7 months! Had endometroma so its bitter sweet if you know what I mean. Have thyroid issues, can't see, occassional ovary pain on one side, joint pains. I know 12 months without a period is the Big Men-o-pause! One day at a time..sweet Jesus that's how I'm managing right now! The Joys of aging! I'm in my late forties.