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  • 12 hours ago

    daughter severe constipation

    My daughter is 20 and has always had constipation. She recently told me she goes maybe 1 or 2 times a month. She eats really healthy and drinks on average 80 ounces of fluids a day. She eats lots of fruit and fiber. Her dr. prescribed Linzess and it did not work. He then asked her to drink magnesium citrate and she drank it and after 6 hours only went a little bit and is really bloated. She has to drink another bottle tomorrow if it doesn't work. Am I being crazy at thinking there is a serious....
  • Just an introduction

    I am interested in meeting other women, possibly my age or close, 65, but mostly want to talk about my health issues. Today I am starting on 2 medications and 1 supplement of Vit. D3. I hate taking pills because many seem to give me worse side-effects than whatever is bothering me. But I've felt so tired lately I finally saw my doctor, and after an upper GI, then blood tests (full workup I think it was called) I now start Lipitor for high cholestrol, and Synthroid for under-active thyroid. I....
  • Pure CBD Oil Pain Relieve

    Pure CBD Oil Pain Relieve and as a chiropractor cosmetic surgeon specializing in pain operations and surgery's, she does treat me with combo of manual manipulation in the form of chiropractic adjustments and deep tissue work, coupled with physiotherapy modalities such as ultrasound,
  • 1 day ago

    Who's gotten there tubes tied at a young age?

    Hi so I'm going on my 3rd baby 26 wks preggers and I'm absolutely certain that I want to tie my tubes once I give birth. I already spoken to my partner and he also agrees it's for the best. so I've spoken to my my family and most say dont do it because it causes hormone imbalance since I'm supposably young (24) and that it has bad side effects ect ect... almost all the older woman say they regret doing it cause they wanted more children in the end and me and my partner talked....
  • 1 day ago

    Love Reading Health Articles

    I like to read, of course with health articles. A lot of articles are more complete and not rambling it makes it shorten time. Most I like the weight loss article. Besides reading on the site I also read on the site
  • 2 days ago

    Do I still need these EVERY year?

    AT my last GYN visit, my doctor said since I had never had an "abnormal" Pap smear, was post-menopausal, monogamous for 20+ years and human papilloma virus negative, I only needed a Pap smear every 3 years. I was thinking I NEVER need another one. Same with a mammogram; have never had an abnormality BUT have very dense breast tissue and the GYN DID suggest the next time I have one, to do it via MRI instead. My insurance won't cover this; when I get to a certain age I'm positive....
  • Hyponatremia now hypo-osmolality?! This is NUTS!

    AGAIN with this BS? Now my NEW doctor has told my insurance company I am both hyponatremic AND hypo-osmalalic! I have been through my health records from all providers since 2007; the last time I had ANY osmolality test run was in June of that year. Now, without drawing any blood or collecting any urine, the doctor just DECIDES that because I had an isolated instance of low blood sodium, my osmolality MUST be low? Plus she wants to stop my beta blocker of 8 years and replace it with a calcium channel....
  • 3 days ago

    Sex issue

    I had sex with my BF and first day he was completely OK. he gave me pleasure for few times and i did the same for him. next days we had issue and he wanted to do butt sex, i never done it in my life. i did not even understand that it can be very painful. And seems like he did not even understand I had a lot unbearable pain when he was trying to do the butt sex with me. I really did not like it because it hurt me a lot. I felt dizzy just because of that. He seems liked he did not care of my situation....
  • 5 days ago

    Head Sweating

    I will be just sitting and just my head will start sweating no where else, it’s pouring down my head sweating?? 67 yrs old way past menopause Any help?
  • 6 days ago

    birth control pill and ovulation

    I have been taking a birth control pill for years. Always the same kind, just different generic name. I'm normally pretty good about taking it within a 3 hr window. But I'm curious to know how common it is to ovulate on the pill. I know you are not suppose to, but I often get one sided cramps in between my periods and don't know why. I go to the gyno annually and whenever I have an exam done, she never mentions anything about cysts or anything on my ovaries. I feel like what I am experiencing....