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    Question about menopause

    Does menopause make you super fatigued ? I have been walking around very fatigued and weak for almost 2 weeks. I have other symptoms too but I thought maybe this foggy feely may be caused from that. Just feel weird. Very weak need to know why


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    RE: Question about menopause

    In general, menopause may experience menopausal fatigue, weak and other symptoms, which usually last about 5 to 8 years, and some may last up to 10 years.
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    RE: Question about menopause

    I think this is worth a trip to the doctor's. Your symptoms could be caused by a number of things (iron deficiency, for instance) that can be treated.
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        Like fcl I think a trip to your doctor would not go amiss, and a talk with him\her about your problems now and to come.

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    RE: Question about menopause

    I recommend seeing a doctor to rule out other possible causes, particularly thyroid issues, depression and sleep apnea. I have been overwhelmed with fatigue for over a year now, and my doctor has ruled everything out except perimenopause, which for many women, can affect sleep quality. I am now on hormone therapy, and I hope that makes a difference.
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    Dear Rhonda,
    Menopause can do a lot of things-it's major contribution to fatigue is secondary to significantly disrupted sleep. If you are having hot flashes which are waking you up at night, you might benefit from hormonal (estrogen) therapy. If you 'd like to start with over the counter remedies, such products as Remifemin good night (which is black cohosh with some sleep herbs), Relizen (which is a Swedish Pollen extract), and Femarelle (a soy product) can be helpful. I will also ask you to go to my website, madameovary.com for some additional menopause information. And as others have commented there are indeed many other causes of fatigue, such as hypothyroidism and anemia-so if this is persistent, do check in with your health care provider.
    Good luck,
    Mary Jane