• 1 month ago

    Red dots in mouth and sore throat (pictures attached)

    For about a week now my throat has been hurting a little bit, and I almost never get sick so I find it strange. It is not a consistent pain, sometimes it feels like a throb of pain, and I have slight pain with swallowing, not every time though. I have noticed a red splotch on the roof of my mouth, and many red dots on the back of my throat, that are increasing in amount. I do not know if I should be worried or if it is just a sore throat. I have a dentist appointment coming up so I will ask about it then, but that is not for another 2 weeks.

    Here is my mouth almost 1 week ago, you can see the mark on the roof of my mouth: https://ibb.co/JmDgpfL

    These are the dots a couple of days ago: https://ibb.co/nLBzW6p

    These are the dots now, a lot more in just a couple days!!: https://ibb.co/GdZfgXg

    Lastly, this is the best photo I could get of the spot on the roof of my mouth. This is from almost a week ago: https://ibb.co/PjMFDx9

    Should I be worried or is this normal? I have not been able to find any pictures quite like it.