• 1 month ago

    Unidentified Condition


    I've been having severe headaches, dizziness and trouble with focus for the past few months. It's become aggressive over the last two weeks. For awhile I could resolve it by eating, but gradually (and to date) that hasn't been enough. I'll feel fine for 30 minutes, within an hour or two my symptoms creep back up. If I don't do anything I'll feel like I'll pass out, I've frantically interrupted a recent shopping trip by stopping three times to get something eat in order to combat the headache. I'm having a hard time standing for long periods of time and I'm extremely tired. When the issues occur I'm not hungry, I could eat but my stomach isn't growling at the same time. Many times after I've eaten, I'm ready to crash. I've had a hard time getting back to work. I don't feel reenergized, just sated for the moment and more worn. I don't drink caffeine.

    I've been to Patient First. They did an A1C and Thyroid test that came back normal. The doc said he saw evidence of slight dehydration but nothing to treat. I'm not pregnant and nothing else was revealed in the blood test. What is going on?

    I'm eating lunch now. The pressure in my head has subsided but not fully resolved and I know by experience I'll be back to square one in a few hours. I took an ibuprofen this morning and that was like taking candy - no resolve (except it made my back feel better). I don't feel sick. I can do day to day activities, just with pressure and eventual panic. By time I get home I am tired but I tend to household duties, some days a little sluggish but I can finish the tasks. Please offer some suggestion.