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    Changing doctors and...

    I wasn't sure where to put this but: I'm in the process of changing doctors. I have most of my records going back to 2015. I'm 58 and this would be a primary care doctor. Do I really need to take ALL of this to the new doctor's office (or fax it? I have a 5 lb envelope from one hospital ALONE for a cardiac stress test and an upper GI!) Would they want every lab test I've ever had, or would the last 3 years suffice? What about office notes from visits? My last doctor was very judgmental and likely peppered my records with personal opinion. I want to start FRESH with this new doctor and hopefully stay the rest of my life in their practice. I'm just wondering what all they would want; am in the process of creating a "Personal Health Record" and just hitting the highlights (meds, allergies, surgeries, family history, etc) and including the last 3 years of lab results/unusual medical events. Please don't just say "call and ask"; the appointment is 6 months away I just like to work ahead in case I would need to be seen sooner.


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    Hi the best thing you can do is ask your new doctor what records he would like to see and how far back, being English they get all our records from when I was born.

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    Dear Anonymous,
    You are asking a very good question-without an exact answer! I think in general the last three years would suffice. Of course, I would send them the results of the cardiac stress test and upper GI-and if there were any really strange lab results dating from longer than three years ago-and of course when you see the new doctor, you can always ask are there any specific records you would like to see in addition-
    Good luck,
    Mary Jane