• 8 days ago

    Premenopausal? Husband needs advice.

    My wife is 43, for several years now she had a ‘spell of irritability and combativeness’ almost every 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 months.
    For 4 to around 8 days she is almost impossible to interact with, and I’m the bad guy for everything, and because I have encouraged her to have her hormones tested- I’m treated like I’m trying to have her ‘sent off’.
    I have had zero luck at getting her to see a medical professional about her mood swings. She does want to admit it.
    Her family does not want to see it, I’m being a controlling husband by trying to ‘make her’ do something.

    Does this sound like a hormonal issue?

    What doctors / areas/professionals should I seek?

    Any ideas or advice for me- ?