• 1 month ago

    Extreme periods

    I started my menstrual period about a month and a half ago. It was normal, lasted about 6 days and was pretty light. Two days after finishing I went to the washroom before bed and had started again, woke up in the morning and it had stopped. This happened 3 days in a row. The fourth started and didn't stop for somewhere around 22 days in that amount of time I went through 4 big boxes of tampons, 3 huge packages of pads and I even used a couple of my 10 month olds diapers because I had ran out and couldn't leave the house to get anything because I was soaking through everything. The max amount of time I could leave it was 2 hours and it would start leaking through again. I was losing blood clots half the size of my fist and at one point I thought I was bleeding to death.
    It eventually stopped but now I'm not bleeding but still losing fair sized clots. There is some blood but I'm thinking it's just from the clots themselves.
    I should mention that I had hardly any pain or cramping except for the third day of the heavy period.
    Has anyone else experienced This? I'm terrified to see the doctor, I'm scared it's something serious but I also know it would be better to catch it early if it was something serious. I've added a few tags because I don't know what it is.