• 19 days ago

    Is this normal?

    I know that pms can cause fatigue, bloating and irritablilty, but can it also cause nausea and the urge to use the bathroom more often than usual?

    If my calculations are correct, my period should be starting tomorrow, and I've been cranky, tired and had difficulty sleeping for the past week - which is typically normal for me around this time of month - but today I started feeling nauseous, bloated, crampy and had the urge to use the bathroom more than normal (but it wasn't diarrhea).

    Are these normal pms symptoms? And if so, is it possible for them to literally just start up the day BEFORE my period starts? Or would they have started before now?

    Also, I started having the sensation that I was warm a few days ago, but took my temperature and it was around 98.8 to 99.0... my normal temp is usually around 98.7, so I'm not really worried, but I am curious to know if my period getting ready to start could raise my temp in such a small increment....


  • 19 days ago

    RE: Is this normal?

    Hi Your problem could all stem from hormones being out of whack the week before your period, there is one hormone that comes form your cervix that is said to give bad stomach cramps in this same time frame.

    If you have a good doctor or gyno to work with and have blood tests done the week before your period may give the result your looking for.