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    Thickening of Uterus wall age 45


    I've just been diagnosed via a Trans Vag scan that I have a thickening of the Uterus. I'm 45 and haven't had any menopausal symptoms except for irregular periods and abnormal bleeding for 20 days. I've ready that hormone treatment can increase chances of cancer if used over a long period. I would like to avoid hormone treatment.

    I've also read that if the thickening happens pre-menopausal you are at a higher risk of developing cancer.

    Can you let me what is true and what's the best method of treatment?


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    RE: Thickening of Uterus wall age 45

    Hi read this link you could find it helpful.


    May pay as your read to get a hysterectomy, but have you ovary's saved as they produce hormones, this is just my thoughts.

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    RE: Thickening of Uterus wall age 45

    If they're suggesting hormonal treatment then it's possible that your thickening is due to intramural fibroids. If that's the case, then know that fibroids hardly ever develop into cancer and that, typically, they happen before menopause. The hormonal treatment to try to shrink them back is prescribed for a a maximum of 6 months (so not long term).

    What was it that caused you to have the scan in the first place? Pain? Bleeding?

    I highly recommend talking with your doctor about this and asking tons of questions rather than reading up online (because that tends to feed into fears more than anything).
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    RE: Thickening of Uterus wall age 45

    It is not unusual for women in their forties to have their uterine lining build up a little more than usual. This is due to the hormonal changes of perimenopause (the transitional years to menopause). That is also why bleeding oftentimes becomes irregular. In most cases the body does a good job of shedding the lining before hyperplasia or cancer sets in.

    It is best to get an ultrasound of your lining one or two days after your period ends. That is when it should be thinnest.

    How thick did your doctor say it is? If it continues to stay overly thick, a progestin is the standard treatment to thin it out.
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    Dear Anonymous,
    Hope I can help. Indeed in perimenopause we stop ovulating well-which means we are still making some estrogen, but we don't make much progesterone-which is what controls the thickness of the lining of the uterus, and also significantly to bleeding. So indeed some progesterone therapy is what sounds like would be a good idea here-and is really quite safe, and not related to cancer-indeed when we give estrogen therapy to menopausal women, we give them progesterone to try to PREVENT cancer of the lining of the uterus. So what we will often do is to give women some progesterone for say 10 days (in a pill form) and then have them stop, and what will often happen then is a "clean out bleed" (sort of like a hormonal D and C)-and that can help regulate the bleeding. So I wouldn't worry about progesterone-it can very much help control bleeding to help women get through the perimenopause without bleeding excessively.
    Good luck,
    Mary Jane