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    Ablation and Tubal

    I had a Uterine Ablation and had my tubes clamped 6/10/19. I had slight watery bloody discharge 6/10 and 6/11 then it tapered into a bronzish color for about 2 weeks. Well, yesterday (almost 2 weeks to the day AFTER my procedure) I saw runny bloody discharge almost as if my period was starting. Is it normal for this to happen and WITH cramps??? Cramps that come and go but woke me up a few times last night :(


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    RE: Ablation and Tubal

    Hi I found this for you if it helps.

    ANSWER: Endometrial ablation can reduce heavy menstrual bleeding significantly. ... After endometrial ablation, many women still have periods, but they are much lighter. One consequence of endometrial ablation is that scar tissue forms within the uterus after the procedure, changing the structure of the uterine cavity.