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    RE: Sex pain

    Hi So any position that does not involve bringing your knees up near your chest would be what your looking for and riding your man from on top in what the call cowgirl position for ward or reverse.

    So if you have good 3 piece sweet with you leaning over the back so your man can take you from behind would be OK yes, this also works in the kitchen as well for kitchen sex, see sex is not just for the bedroom.

    So how about you lying on the table with your legs resting on his shoulders , keeps things all at the right height.

    OK this may take some thinking about, so visualise this you lay on your back on the bed he lays at what ever side you like him to, the side he is on you lift your leg up just so he can get into you vagina then you can rest it on him, this means he can play with your clitoris and your breasts which helps to more orgasms and you can as well.

    Do hope there is some help here, if your getting vaginal dryness coconut oil is very good, you get lots of slip and in the kitchen olive oil is very good and one of the oldest forms of vaginal lubrication.

    There is a very nice book called Love Play by Dr David Delvin it covers all the foreplay stuff for both men and women, makes a great bedside book, has some very nice art work on line try your find its cheap there.

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        Cowgirl can be extremely painful on the hips depending on the size of the guy being straddled ... just sayin'.