• 10 days ago

    cough and mucus

    I had a horrible cough for months and my chest began hurting so I went to see the doctor. They did a chest Xray and ran some blood work and put me on 2 different kinds of meds in addition to putting me on oxygen at night. To say the least I was miserable for 3 months of this and went to the farmers market here in Santa Fe, NM. I bought me some Osha Cough syrup and it's helped make all the difference. I am no longer using the 2 medications the docs recommended for me and I am no longer using oxygen. My chest no longer hurts and the bottle cost $22 and last a couple months depending how often you take it. I highly recommend it for anyone suffering from excessive coughing and mucus. The contact information is as follows: artemisaherbsnm@gmail.com or phone 505-699-9266 to order your bottle. You will be satisfied as I am.