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    Burning, Itching, Upper Arms

    I wrote about this 6 years ago. I was told it's called "Formification". I'm still having the problem. It drives me so crazy! Constantly scratching my arms. Do I see my Dermatologist, or GYN (is this more hormonal)? Can anyone give me some suggestions, or advice? I feel almost like I'll scratch my skin off.


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    RE: Burning, Itching, Upper Arms

    Anyone had this problem?
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    RE: Burning, Itching, Upper Arms

    Formication is complicated to treat because it isn't, in itself, a disease but a symptom. So in order to treat your formication, you have to find the underlying condition. Possible conditions are:

    - onset of menopause (i.e. hormone withdrawal)

    - pesticide exposure,

    - mercury poisoning,

    - diabetic neuropathy,

    - skin cancer,

    - syphilis,

    - Lyme disease,

    - herpes zoster (shingles),

    - stimulant intoxication (e.g. methamphetamines, cocaine),

    - alcohol withdrawal in alcoholics (i.e. delirium tremens).

    So, if the first one (monopause/perimenopause) applies to you, I'd consult my OB/gyn. If not, then see which of the conditions applies and consult the corresponding specialist. If you still cannot identify the cause, see your family doctor to help you pinpoint it.
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    RE: Burning, Itching, Upper Arms

    I've had similar a similar problem. A CBD-infused cream helped a lot, now I only use it from time to time. It's anti-inflammatory, I suppose?
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    RE: Burning, Itching, Upper Arms

    Hi Have a read through this link below seems to cover it from all angles of which one must be helpful.


    If all else fails you try coconut oil, its good for lots of skin problems, use it as often as you want.