• 5 months ago

    Similar to Totally Unnecessary Breast Exam?

    A female patient was receiving a male doctor administered breast ultrasound. The physician commented that the female's chest was very conducive to the test. So much so that he went to get colleagues to share this information. A few other male physicians entered the exam room and confirmed that this patient could be a sales rep in helping to model how to use the equipment. Has anyone experienced something similar? Or believed the breast exam was being performed not for the patient's benefit? Also, somehow found a number of males suddenly interested in your health?


  • 5 months ago

    RE: Similar to Totally Unnecessary Breast Exam?

    What's sad is that people think 'trolls' always create these comments. The test was sometime ago and involved some image or related procedure. Possibly an EKG. Although the fact scenario might be vague, what isn't vague is the fact a male provider made what appears to be an inappropriate comment to a half-naked female patient and then proceeded to parade other male providers into the exam room to confirm these comments. There is an abundance of examples of inappropriate behavior by male providers. Hopefully if the spotlight continues to shine, these perverse providers can be weeded out.