• IUD for 6 months - still spotting - OBGYN gives 2 week tablets

    Hi all - have been on Mirena IUD for 6 months, and still spotting for over half the month. OBGYN gives me a 2 week supply of Estradiol 1mg tablet to take for 2 weeks. OBGYN doc says it will "reset" everything and stop the bleeding.

    But the thing is - we are going on a large trip to visit family at the end of June and have no idea how to "time" this. Should I just take this 2 week Estradiol course now or does anyone have any suggestions on how to time this 2 week course prior to June 22? Maybe take this 2 weeks course DURING the vacation since it will stop breakthrough bleeding?

    It's so hard to get a hold of anyone at my OBGYN and I can't switch right now due to insurance issues. Another suggestion I found is that Naproxen (an NSAID) 500mg daily before a trip will reduce/stop bleeding from a new IUD.