• 29 days ago

    My period was 1.5 weeks late, only lasted for 3 days and only brown blood came out. What does this mean?

    In the past few days I also had serious chocolate craving. I did pregnancy tests on the day my period was supposed to come and a week after. Both were clear negative, so I wasn't really concerned.
    Looking up early signes of pregnancy made me worried though. My breasts have been fairly sensitive for some time. The chocolate craving only started a few days ago. The brown blood was more like spotting than a usual period kind of bleeding. I lost some weight recently (even though I excercised even less in the past 2 months), though no morning sickness or vomiting. I generally go to the bathroom a lot too, but I feel like it has become more frequent.

    My main concern is a possible pregnancy but any input is much appreciated.