• 14 days ago

    Chronic Halitosis

    I would like to hear Dr.'s opinions on this.

    I'm a 25 yr old female. I have no medical conditions, except chronic halitosis. My grandmother and uncle have suffered for years from this condition. I have this condition 24/7 irregardless of what I eat. I have no gum disease and have very good oral hygiene. I have seen an ENT to test me for sinus infection, tests came back negative.
    I was tested for H-pylori, and the test was positive, so I was prescribed Omeprazole, Amoxicilin and Clarythromycin. While I was taking the medication I noticed that my condition of halitosis got better.
    After the second test, when I tested negative for H-pylori and stopped taking the medication, within days halitosis came back. I told my family doctor about the fact that halitosis didn't go away so he said I might have GERD and prescribed Omeprazole again.
    This didn't help either. I still have halitosis, and my doctors aren't able to find the source. I need doctors' opinions. If anyone has ever had a patient with similar symptoms, but reach out to me. This is ruining my life at this point.