• Hyponatremia

    OK I had annual labs drawn the other day; thought everything looked good but now dr freaking out over blood sodium level of 125 in a 58-yr old post-menopausal woman. Telling me to stop BP meds, get another lab draw, more tests...I drank copious amount of water prior to the appointment; otherwise I end up getting stuck four or five times for the tests. My insurance won't pay for more lab tests and I have no symptoms and my BP is creeping up after only one day without the diuretic. I've learned to not complain about ANYTHING because it ends up costing me tons of money for stupid unnecessary tests, but there's no hiding from blood work. My chloride level was also 88 which is low. Drinking less water is not an option; I have to have it to get the needle in. Needless to say, I'm beyond mad. Are these levels anything to be concerned with? They're only 10 points lower than the low number on the "normal" range...


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    RE: Hyponatremia

    Hi If you google this part of your post, your find some answers.

    blood sodium level of 125 in a 58-yr old post-menopausal woman

      • Believe me, I've googled every possible cause imaginable. But my doctor won't listen and only sees kidney failure. I felt find until she changed all my meds around. Re-draw yesterday had same result, only sodium is one point lower than on 4-30-19. So NOW she wanted me to go to the ER last night (a message I didn't get until this morning before I went to the gym). I'm changing doctors; she is either after the money we DON'T have, or she's crazy.
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        Hi Look if you had just google what I said this is one of the links you would have found.


        Which may be of help but another one suggests that it could be to do with female testosterone or your DHEA being down, all to do with being in the peri menopause so its really up to you.

        Also have a read on madam ovary, its a site with some vids all to do with the peri menopause and the menopause, its Dr Mary Jane Minkin, she this pages gyn, so you may find more help there.

      • I did in fact read that article; I cited it in one of my many, many responses to my GP. I got a 2nd opinion from my own GYN. HE said while mildly concerning, NOT an emergent situation and it probably IS the amount of water I drink. He said I certainly wouldn't need a NEPHROLOGY workup, as my kidney function tests were all perfect. I also restarted the diuretic and in just two days already feeling like my old self. My GYN referred me to a new GP, have an appointment to establish care in about a month. He did suggest maybe a workup of the adrenal gland, but I had a cortisol level drawn about 8 months ago and definitely within normal limits. He's convinced (as was I) it was the 3 to 4 L of water. Suggested I replace half the water with Gatorade or electrolyte water. Still will never know for SURE, but as long as I'm back to feeling healthy, I'm happy.
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        Hi glad your now your happy self, I to will get back there soon as well.