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    So, I'm a silly virgin and I'm not on birthcontrol. I want to have protected sex with my boyfriend, using only a condom. But, I'm nervous, because I know that I'll be in the fertility window of my cycle and I don't want to get pregnant... I really don't want to try to use any other contraceptive for a while, either. Would it be very risky to use only a condom during sex for a while?...


  • 21 days ago

    RE: Birthcontrol??

    Hi Condoms are 98% safe and the pill is 99% safe, it really does depend on how safe you are, never let just say let me put it in without a condom just to feel what its like, always just say NO and always say NO, always condom on first.

    In foreplay just keep his penis away from your vagina, if he ejaculates during foreplay just keep it away from your vagina, as your a virgin there is a very good book titled Love Play by Dr David Delvin look on abebooks.com your find it cheap to buy, and its very educational and makes a great bedside book.

    Also go to the Dodson and Ross site more info there, you can find out how to orgasm also stuff for him as well.