• 29 days ago

    Painful urination NOT UTI or STI

    For ~ 8 months now, I have been experiencing painful urination/ vaginal discomfort. It all started shortly after unprotected sex with my boyfriend AND around the same time I did a 5K in high waisted denim. I was tested for gonorrhea, chlamydia, BV, yeast infection, and trichomoniasis and they all came back negative. I've been treated for UTIs (my original diagnosis because I've had them before and they were very similar) 4 times now with varying antibiotics.

    I've seen 2 urologists, and been the OBGYN 2x with a lot of urination samples as well. No one has found anything.

    My symptoms include:
    painful urination (less so when I'm more hydrated)
    tender breasts for days (only after having sex without condoms)
    vaginal discomfort (sitting, sleeping)
    vaginal discharge

    I have stopped wearing high-waisted pants, thongs, leggings, etc. I bought all new underwear in a bigger size and they are 100% cotton. I don't sleep with any pants on (to maybe help). I also don't have unprotected sex anymore. I also put a cold compress on my vagina a couple times a week to ease some of the stinging. I also drink at least 30 oz of water a day.

    I am in a lot of pain/discomfort daily. I would love any type of help that could lead me to my next round of testing/ relief.


  • 29 days ago

    RE: Painful urination NOT UTI or STI

    Hi Have you been checked out for a bladder infection? have you had your vaginal Ph checked out and have you had your hormones tested, my last thing would be tampons, if you use them, would you by any chance have left one in.