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    too small for sex

    one thing I notice on message boards regarding the topic of women/mens sizes, they only seem to address complaints from women who have had numerous births and have complaints about being loose..what about older women who have never had children and maybe only have sex once a year or less.. and essentially are not elastic for sex? why is it gyns only can suggest the woman "do something" to change her physical dynamics? i.e. stretch it out every once in a while, lube etc..seems one sided to me. Why is it on her to change her physics? I know the guy can't change his, but is there medical peer pressure to make women conform when physically it is challenging? This also goes for pap smears or pelvics..if a speculum cannot be put into the vagina without causing tearing or damage, is there not something wrong here? Why must women have to physically endure something that is painful or damaging even for the medical exam? Seems counter productive.


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    RE: too small for sex

    Hi I think what you was told was right, like all muscles if we don't use them they wont work the way they should, and your vagina is full of muscles, two things that would help you is doing kegels for your pelvic floor, and the next would be buying a set of vaginal dilater's as these would be good for your vaginal opening and help keep you vaginal walls pliable, when used with a good vaginal lubricant.

    But you did say sex once a year, so that must be painful unless you have lots of foreplay, better you try for once a month or more, as this will help with your vaginal wellbeing, and don't forget the sex is very good exercise and very good for you no matter what age you are.

    But keep your vaginal lubrication at the side of your bed.

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    Dear Anonymous,
    Hope I can help. We don't want women to be uncomfortable-we do want them to be able to have sex if they would like to. From a strictly medical perspective, occasionally it is helpful to be able to do a pap smear-for example, if a woman is experiencing post menopausal bleeding, and we don't want it to be uncomfortable. Unfortunately, estrogen levels go way down with menopause, and estrogen is responsible for vaginal lubrication and comfort. There are ways that we can help the vagina stay comfortable. There are long acting vaginal moisturizers which are non hormonal and available over the counter (such as Replens) which you insert vaginally two to three times a week. There are lubricants that can be used at the time of sex. And there are many prescription meds available which can also be quite helpful for comfort. And as Nowhard alluded to already there are vaginal dilators which can be helpful, to help stretch the vaginal tissue. So we do have many options for women if they are uncomfortable.
    Good luck,
    Mary Jane