• 15 days ago

    Am I pregnant?

    Hello, I'm glad I found this site and can talk to everyone here. I'm going to talk simply as I can't really be that professional. So, last Sunday (which apparently was my most fertile day) I met with my boyfriend. We were at my house, watching a movie, you probably know how it goes. After a while I gave him oral and, when there was a little bit of sperm on his finger he put his hand on my vulva. Even though his finger did not go in my vagina, could there be any possibility that I am pregnant? I am really worried because I am not in a situation where I could have a baby right now. Is it possible to get pregnant by something like this? If so, how possible? If I am, are there any natural miscarriage methods and when do the symptoms of a pregnancy start to show?? Thank you in advance.


  • 14 days ago

    RE: Am I pregnant?

    Hi Just think of this, it takes 3 days for sperm to get in place to receive your egg and your egg will last I think 24 hours that is if sperm was delivered next to your cervix.
    Now his sperm would at best been just outside of your vagina, so it would have to work all the way through your vagina that is full of sticky mucus which would be a 6 to 7 inch trek.

    So what do you think now?


    PS I think the answer is NO
  • 14 days ago