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    Recurring shingles

    I am 49 years old and I recently suffered my twelve bout of shingles, with the first bout occurring at age 23. About two years ago my physician prescribed for me a daily dose of Valacyclovir to try to prevent them, but since I recently experienced bout number 12, is it possible I'm building up a tolerance to the medication? They always occur on the side of my face. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Is there any way to prevent number 13?


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    RE: Recurring shingles

    Hi This WebMD link may be of help to you below.


    If you do get another outbreak try a mix of coconut oil and tea tree oil.

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    RE: Recurring shingles

    Hi, I had my 1st & only shingles bout 10 years ago in my 60s. Also on the side of my face , around eyes, & into my hair. An infectious disease specialist @ Kaiser told me if I could go a year without another outbreak, he would then give me the Shingles vaccine. He said the vaccine has reduced risk of additional bouts by 50%. During the year clear, He told me to try to limit stress, fatigue & other illnesses. They lower resistance to shingles. I did those things & angered some people who gave me stress (stayed clear for 1 year). Shingles gave me serious & painful nerve damage on my face - he prescribed an anti-depressant ( they’ve discovered that those meds give pain relief to diabetes caused nerve damage) & they worked for me. So no addicting pain meds needed. & they relieved nerve damaged pain I’ve had since my teens elsewhere. He said the 50/50 chance is better than 100%, which looks like what you have. So, limit stress, fatigue, illness & either see a specialist or get the vaccine after a year clear. I can’t promise you’ll have the success I did, but just controlling the things that can trigger a bout to get clear are worth it. Special note; shingles can cause blindness, so during my bout, they examined my eyes every week during 8 week bout. The rash was on my eyelids & in my eyebrow (lost most of eyebrow on that side.) & made it thru w/o sight impact. Good luck