• 30 days ago

    Hot Flashes at Lunch

    I am 54 I have been thru menopause. I still have hot flashes but not as much as I used to but I have been having an issue of having hot flashes at lunchtime. It does not matter where I am, or what I am eating. When I sit down to have lunch I start to have hot flashes. I stop eating and let them subside and as soon as I start eating again they start... NOTE this is only at Lunch. never while I am eating any other time. What could be causing this particular reaction at this time of day?


  • RE: Hot Flashes at Lunch

    Dear Christysmile,
    Good question and I don't know if I can tell you the answer. Because to be honest we really don't know the cause of hot flashes. Many women do get hot flashes when they eat; we don't know why, and it is peculiar this is only at lunchtime. Many women do have certain known hot flash triggers related to food and drink; spicy foods, hot foods, caffeine, alcohol-all are known potential triggers. But beyond that I don't know what to suggest to you as a good explanation-
    Good luck
    Mary Jane