• over 1 year ago

    No one can figure out whats wrong

    My symptoms

    When I noticed a change.
    Getting pushed from one doctor to the other..
    Getting worse
    No diagnosis
    5. Its being to affect my life greatly. What will happen now.
    Loss of memory and simple things
    *Go from knowing all these things, speaking with more than just some intelligence. To Struggling to find work with everything coming out jumbled. When I know what to say but just cant get it out of my mouth. People tell me my intelligence is just fading away like Im child like.
    *Hands are turning dark blue with the feeling that im wearing oversized winter gloves.
    *Trouble breathing- walking up the stair doing things I once could do with eas. Have entercorse is so scary and more. Do to not being able to breath like i'm drowning struggling to get the next breath for it maybe my last.
    *Vision- It started with blurry and double vision. Then it became foggy and jumping then to vibrating. With flashes of light with fainting or passing out. Also the whites of my eyes have turned yellow and along the edge before it get to my iris its a shade of blue.
    * All of this comes along with dizziness and being overly tired ( no matter how much sleep I may get ) And trouble sleeping at night including night sweats.
    *Weakness and numbness in my feet, legs, arms and hands to the fingertips. trouble writing my own name from time to time.
    Waking up gasping for air, with a headache that seems to fade away through the day but really never really goes away. With chronic next pain more when i left my head up and down. That all started back in december on 2018, with a hard painless nought on the back of my neck at the bass of my skull on the left side. Its still there but now the hole left side of my neck feels constantly stiff and is swelling and getting sharp pain shooting up the bass of my neck in to my jew.
    *My hand are being to show celieses - Dry hard crusty skin breaking of and skin is thickening. When I don't work outside or do hard labor. Along with that my mouth is constantly Dry and I have white patches on my gums, with back of my throat looking abnormal. Cough that i've had for over a year with loose of my voice and hoarseness.
    *Fingernails have begun to change drastically, White lines across the tip. Lost my heft moon, with blue and red all through my nail except in the middle they are white. Nail bed are beginning to look shorter.
    *Constant chest pain- Pressure that now has seemed to move to my ribs. Moving to my back. Like something is stuck to them holding mein a vice you know like latched on.
    Mood swings- I can go from being fine to screaming in a split second. Ive never been the time to have such a short fuse. Personality change not feeling myself and my love ones telling me so. I feel like I have lost myself that someone else is running the show really.
    *Water- I can weigh like 187 then jump up to 200 in one day then back down then back up to like 210 in three days. No date change, with peeing less than i drink. For example: I went 3 days in a row only peeing one time, Dark brown in color with drinking all day long nothing but water. With feeling bloated most always, Never bloating much when i'm on my period. It very now to me this feeling all over swelling.
    *Change in period since oct. 2018- My normal period would be a regular flow. 2 to 4 days tops with light pink flow on the last day. Now it's nothing but big blood clots the size of a ping pong ball and like little tiny beads for 7 to 14 days straight. Very scary, and it still continues to this day.
    Seizures- I've been told on 3 different occasions that i've had these episodes, By my boyfriend. I don't remember them happening, I just now i felt confused and extremely tired, also have uncontrollable twitching like trimmers. In hand and neck (my head will tremble sometimes, Like if i was frizzing).
    Defect to swallow feels like I have food stuck in my throat the will night go down. Was Feeling like i was going to throw up but just never did. But now in much i've lost that and now i wake in the middle night with painful seems like heartburn then violently throwing my hole feels like insides up. Feeling like my chest is going to exploud.

    All of this started last year when I discovered 2 lumps in my left breast. Nipple was dimpled in and blood from nipple with change in color and look of my skin on my left breast. It was Biopsied twice ( But Only one of the calcium clusters were biopsied ). There was no infection there at the time of the biopsie and the surgeon said there was no breast cancer there. But, I was not happy with that answer. But, my mother told me to trust in what they found. Almost 2 and a half months later in the same place the biopsied a mastities ( A infection toke over my breast in 3 days time, splitting open were the surgeon had done the biopsie ). He said it was was very strange that it got that way after it had done held completely. Now After all this, Lumps have gotten bigger and I have swollen lymph nodes in my are my neck and in my groin area. My breast is still sinking inworks still changing colors, lumps were biopsied is bigger. With my veins protruding on the services on my breasts.
    All the doctors appointments and what they said.
    *Family doctor- I went In because I couldn't breath and I was having chest pain. With trouble thinking clearly. He admediatly sent me to the E.R. The Sent me home with diagnoses of atopic chest pain ( unexplained chest pain ). The next day at home while being intimate with my partner. I Felt like I had been kicked in the chest, couldn't breath so much pain. I turned like a gray color and stayed that way for 3 or 4 days. Feeling so weak still not being able to breath and hardle was able to keep my head up.
    *Family doctor again- He sent me for blood test. Everything comes back normal. Hospital refuses me to a heart. Waited 5 weeks.
    *Heart doctor- Runs a stress test and a ultrasound was done on my chest. They said everything was normal on my stress test. They don't understand why im not getting enough oxygen to my blood. But, my ultrasound on my aortic artery was blurry and they for some reason couldn't see it clearly.
    *Allergist- didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. I have dust and mold allergy. That there is no way of know if mode it causing all my problems.
    *Eye doctor- Tells me there is nothing choosing it in my eyes behind it or inside of it. ( causing the flashes and the vision changes or the dizziness and fainting that comes along with it.
    *Brian doctor- I see In late may
    Still can't get anyone to send my to a lung specialist
    -Why can I not get a answer?-
    I have people thinking i'm crazy. Like I don't know my own body, or I get pushed off like i'm full of ***. Everyone in my family has watch me wilt away, I've showed a friend of mind and explain all my symptoms. My eyes my hand and she definitely noticed the personality and and my intelligence fall to pieces. She said its like im slowly dying a slow and painful death. I'm being to lose hope. God please send someone to help me before it's to late.