• 1 month ago


    Hi, I’m a 19 year old male experiencing some very awkward and upsetting issues with my nipples. I’m an active duty Marine in the infantry, and have been in for almost 3 years now. All of the physical activity has really gotten my nipples completely wrecked. Now, I haven’t done anything physical in over 6 months due to injury, but my nipples started scabbing and cracking and bleeding, and I would put lotion on them and cover them up with bandages. Eventually, they stopped doing that, and they just remain raw and wet, soaking through all of the uniforms I wear if I don’t cover it up, and it constantly burns. Today, I spent all day in the hot sun moving heavy items all over the place, and around 1600 today, I went back to my barracks room, and removed my notstick pad from my breast and laid down for a bit. Instantly, bright orange liquid is just dripping down my chest and my nipple starts burning. This has happened many times before. I’m really scared. The naval hospital has checked it out and gave it some stuff, but it doesn’t work. At the moment, I am sitting with my shirt off, Aquaphor in it, and there is probably a rash about an inch wide around the circumference of my nipple also pouring out orange liquid and I keep wiping it up with a paper towel. Please help!!!