• 1 month ago

    Healthcare Access

    I'm a 33yo woman in North Carolina. My spouse is a Veteran; he receives regular healthcare via the VA. We were jobless & homeless in 2013 & 2015. Only recently [within the last month] did we acquire enough hours / pay rate to be considered making a full-time salary. According to DSS, I do not qualify for Medicaid / Medicare as we have no children and I'm not pregnant. I've looked into the options I know of for healthcare locally [we don't have a vehicle] and they appear less than ideal imho..

    They are:
    - pay full price for medical / dental care
    - apply for free care via the hospital in emergencies only; this is approved based on income levels, so I highly doubt I'd be approved.

    What's a gal to do when she falls between qualifying for cheap healthcare and ability to afford it herself when it is a need?