• 1 month ago

    Low FSH & LH: Oral Contraceptives or Pituitary Nodule?

    Hi All,
    I’m a 30 year-old female. When visiting my GP about a month ago for an annual exam, blood work showed that my FSH and LH levels were low (below what they would be in luteal phase). My doctor ordered an MRI of my pituitary and found that I have a 3mm nodule. She has now referred me to a neurosurgeon for follow-up. I felt a little frustrated while she was reviewing the results with me because she is not sure if it is the nodule that is causing my low FSH and LH levels. I’m on an oral contraceptive (Viorele) which I know keeps FSH/LH from surging and therefore ovulation, but I’m curious if this medication could account for lower than normal hormone levels? I’m just a bit worried about whether or not I’ll be able to conceive in the future. Thank you!