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    Menopause and extreme anxiety

    I am a 58 year old professional woman who has recently had to resign from my job because of mental health issues, extreme anxiety and panic attacks. I have been taking medication to address this plus attended an nine week cognitive behavioural group programme. (Over the past six months) After a relatively stable period approximately 4 weeks where I felt really good I have crashed again. Prior to this my skin became pimply, on reflective I have identified that I tend to "crash" mid month on a regular basis. I am no longer working or partake in in alcohol or drugs, eat well and exercise a little. (biking and walking) I did experience post natal depression following my second child. I am wondering about the influence of menopause and if this could be related. I have in the past had a mirena for heavy periods, at present I still experience hot flashes (moderate) since taking antdiepressants and weight gain, increased facial hair. Any advice around the correlation between menopause and anxisty ad treatments would be appreciated.


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    Dear Anonymous,
    You didn't mention when you had the Mirena inserted-how long ago was it, and when did you stop having periods? If you are reasonably newly menopausal, it is quite possible that the anxiety is related at least in some part to menopause. If the Mirena was inserted 5 years ago or less and is still in place, you could easily just start taking some estrogen (the Mirena has enough progestin to protect the lining of your uterus)-and see if you feel better. Estrogen often times will help the activity of other antidepressants and anxiety medication. If your Mirena is now removed, and you are fully menopausal, you certainly could take some estrogen with some progestin to see if it helps-it might.
    Good luck
    Mary Jane