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    I am 51 years old, the last few years my periods have been heavier than when I was younger. The last two months, it seemed as though, my period came later (days) then usually. So far this month, I have not had a cycle, but have had all the symptoms; cramps, bloating, back pain, headaches. The regular monthly blahs. But still no cycle. Could I possibly be starting to go into peri-menopause? I have no children and my mother started at 48 years of age.


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    RE: Perimenopausal

    Hi Two things you can do for help, the first is see your doctor or gyno, and get a blood test done for your hormones, if your going into the menopause it will show in your hormones.

    And two is Mary Jane Minkin is the forums gyno and she has a site called madam ovary if you go on there have a look at her vids, you should find all the help you need there.

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    Dear Vettejames7,
    Indeed it is very likely you are heading into the menopausal transition. I don't even know if I'd send you for blood tests at this point-because if you aren't feeling like you need any intervention, I'd probably just adopt a wait and see attitude. And indeed, I will suggest that you go to my website, madameovary.com, which has much of the information that you might be interested in.
    Good luck,
    Mary Jane