• 6 months ago

    Kidney infections

    I am 49 years old and have always had problems with my Urinary Tract/Kidneys since I was just a kid. I have dealt with Chronic UTI's since I gave birth to my first child almost 21 years ago. This last December (2016) I went to the ER with severe lower back pain and was belching along with vomiting black (old blood) stuff that was getting thicker each time it would come up. The ER doctors did an ultrasound on my lower abdomen and found that my right kidney was swollen 2x it's normal size so I was hospitalized for a week and sent home. Since then I have vomited new and old blood two separate times and my lower back hurts all the time. Now my stomach feels bloated or extended and I feel so tired all the time and want to sleep for days. I never feel like I'm emptying out my bladder and when I wipe there is real light pink spotting. I am bruising all over real easy and my heartburn is constant and frustrating so I don't have an appetite now. I have no health insurance so If I go get myself checked out and I am ok then I will have another doctor bill I can't pay but I'm worried and need advise. I need advise. Are my symptoms as bad as I'm​ worried they are or am I paranoid? Please help me!!