• 6 months ago

    Unusual Cycle

    Since the day I started having menstrual cycles I have been like clock work, 28 days the 7 day cycle.

    I just turned 45 this year and have had regular cycles like usual until this last one. It has been going on for almost 5 weeks now. When it started I would spot one day, they regular flow next day or so, then spot, then regular and so on til into the 4th week. I have had a medium heavy flow for about 9 days.

    I'm very fatigued and trying to eat foods to increase iron. I am not typically "fatigued" and this whole cycle thing has Never happened to me before. As I mentioned since I started I've been like clock work.

    What could be happening?


  • 6 months ago

    RE: Unusual Cycle

    This could be a sign of approaching menopause or it could be something else entirely. Make an appointment with your doctor to discuss this. Do this soon so that you can also get proper treatment for your (probable) anemia.