• 2 days ago

    Help! :(

    EVERY time I swallow it feels like something small is stuck in my throat/esophagus. I do NOT have acid reflux, I am on phenergan & beyntal due to the nausea & stomach uncomfortableness.
    Losing weight dramatically!


  • 23 hours ago

    RE: Help! :(

    Hi Try getting to your ER, they may just be able to help you.

  • 11 hours ago

    RE: Help! :(

    OMD why are you taking those and are they prescriptions? If they are prescriptions, what does the doctor say about this? I don't mean to alarm you but you should seek medical help ASAP and take those drugs plus any others with you and explain ALL your symptoms... It may be something relatively benign going on with the throat but coupled with those other symptoms? Please go NOW...