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    Maybe Menopause

    I am 46 yrs old, have had normal periods up until last yr. I started working out, consistently, weights etc. and skipped 2 months. Then it started again, no major issues. This time around, its been 3 months, no period (am not pregnant) but irritability and mood swings abound. No night sweats although sleep is not great. No hot flashes but difficulty in loosing weight. Could this be start of menopause?


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    RE: Maybe Menopause

    Hi Google madam ovary and look at Mary Jane Minkins vids, she is the sites gyno, you should all the info your looking for.

    But if you think its the menopause kicking see you doctor and ask for a blood test on your hormones that will tell all.

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    Dear rjc99,
    Hope I can help, and I thank Nowhard for the kind words. This certainly could be the start of perimenopause-which is a very difficult diagnosis to make. One certainly can measure hormone levels-I would suggest on the 3rd day of the next period, have a blood test for your FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) level-as you head towards menopause, the level usually goes up (the ovary is making less estrogen, so the pituitary gland has to work harder-produce more FSH-to try to get those ovaries to work.) However, even if you have a totally normal FSH, you certainly could be heading towards menopause. Now that being said: what to do about it? It depends on how bothersome the symptoms are. For example, if the menstrual irregularity and irritability symptoms are quite bothersome, something like a low dose birth control pill (if you are otherwise a good candidate) can be quite helpful. If symptoms are somewhat annoying, but not enough for you to think about medications, you might want to try some over the counter remedies like Remifemin (German black cohosh) or Relizen (Swedish pollen extract)-although both are officially for hot flashes, they may help with sleep and some other symptoms. Exercise is always wonderful.
    And if things are becoming more bothersome, do check in with your gyn care provider, who will be able to individualize to your particular symptoms.
    Good luck,
    Mary Jane