• Breast lump and pain

    After I had my second set of twins (both sets premature 32wk & 27wk). I tried for months to pump breastmilk but unsuccessful. My breast would swell and hurt like I need to release milk but would get little to none out. My right breast on the outer side just under the armpit (not in the armpit) always hurt more. And continued to many months later even to touch so I went to the doctor. He found a lump and ordered an ultrasound. I had to call many times trying to get the results. Finally a nurse told me over the phone that under results it said "nothing", literally. Then she couldn't believe that I was still in pain. I told her that I don't know what the problem is but after months in pain, I don't think an ultrasound was going to cure me.

    Months later the pain did slowly go away. It comes and goes but never as bad as the original pain. And doesn't last long.

    A few years later. I am 34yr and have the flu right now for the past 4 days. (My husband has the flu too). I know the flu can make things swell like the glands in my throat but the lump is also much bigger now and hurts.

    I am not saying it's cancer but it seems like it's something. I will note that my grandpa died in his 70's due to breast cancer that spread.


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    RE: Breast lump and pain

    Hi Do they do breast screening where you live? if not do you have somewhere you can get x-rays done? if so ask for a breast x-ray to be done, there should be someone there who can tell you if the is a problem.

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    RE: Breast lump and pain

    Sounds like it's time to change Dr's. Don't waste time with this! I had a large mass in right breast. Dr took a wait and see approach. I changed Dr's. New Dr did a surgical biopsy, removed the entire mass. I have ADH, look it up. They told me it's not a matter of if, but when I'll get cancer. I'm not trying to scare you but find a decent Dr. My Mom had breast cancer. Since then I've had cancer in another part of my body. Now because I'm married to a real Ahole, he sabotages every appt. Supposed to be seen every 6 months. Haven't had a mammogram in nearly 3 years. Leaving the control freak husband and putting myself first for the first time in 40 years. Bottom line, keep pushing til you get some answers.
    My left breast has changed shape dramatically and I get a lot of pain as well. Good luck
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    RE: Breast lump and pain

    It is really significant for you to obtain a good specialist. You probably need to change your doctor since you still having same pain. Recently I checked up on mine as well and I am glad I do not have any problem.
    Family history can be a another reason for facing this sort of health problem.
    I would say it will be best to see any specialist as soon as you can.
    This sort of symptom may not a good sign.

    Wishing you good luck
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        Hello Sabrina,
        Thank you for your response. I tried to reply from my Kindle but the word reply overlapped “report as abusive”. So if that pops up, my apologies. I’m using my soon to be ex-husbands, aka God, since he’s so perfect. I’m using his iPad.
        Anyway, I do see a specialist that deals with high risk women. Problem being every time I have an appointment he starts something, the stress goes to my lower back and I can barely move. I haven’t had a mammogram in nearly 3 years. I’m pretty positive I already have cancer. My only solution is not to tell him when I have any Dr appointments, and of course, leave him. Thanks again!
      • 9 days ago
        wow.. i am so surprised to read this. do not understand what is the relationship between leaving your ex and your may have cancer. If you really have then you should let him and your family knows about it. otherwise they will know at the end of the moment and they will be upset on you for hiding from them. You need everyone's help and attention and love to heal yourself.

        i hope you do not get me wrong.
        wishing you good luck
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        Maybe I wasn’t clear in my post. Every appt and I mean every Dr appt he’ll start something. We end up arguing. I have a bad back anyway, but with 4 years of constant arguing since he retired, stress goes right to my back. I’m not allowed to express any emotions, he gets angry. He’s killing me emotionally and physically. I haven’t eaten for 2 days. He doesn’t care. I have a heart problem I have to eat and I have to eat properly. I think he wants me to just behave like a good little girl and keep my mouth shut. That’s why I’m leaving. I’ve taken his crap for almost 40 years. Should’ve left long ago. I have no family left. People go through health crisis alone. I’d rather be alone and have some peace than live this way. Thanks for caring. Tomorrow I will schedule appointment for mammogram. Hopefully I’m ok.
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        Sorry to hear all this. You should have left long ago. Relationships problem can be a reason for all this. Take care of yourself.
      • 8 days ago
        Hi Sabrina, Thanks for your support. I kick myself everyday for marrying him in the first place. He never wanted children, I did. I thought he’d change his mind, never happened. Now I’m 65 and not well. He’s healthy as a horse. I truly hate him. I’m getting what I want from him, taking care of my health problems then I’m out of here. I wasted 40 yrs on him, now he’s gonna pay. I’m taking care of me now. He is never wrong everything is my fault. I have no self-esteem left. Don’t ever take crap from a man. Take care and thank you
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    RE: Breast lump and pain

    I can certainly relate to what you're saying when it comes to painful breast. Since a very young age about 17 back in late 80's-early 90's & until this day? I've been suffering with painful breast. Both my breast are painful to touch. (My poor husband. Right?) I talked with my OBGYN about this and several other doctors from my youth about having painful breast. In the beginning days I would hear these same words over & over "OH? Your just going through pain tissue & that's normal!" But when I reached my late 20's, then 30's, 35-40? It's not going away and it's always painful. I begged to have my very 1st Mammogram done at age 30. The doctors kept telling me "Your to young for a Mammogram!" Really? I was worried since Mastectomy(s) ran big in my family. Even telling the doctors this news? I was still denied a mammogram! I was told in another 5 years. How could they do this? The machines we have for these Mammograms? They squish your breast like pancakes. When all along, they have a great new way to have Mammograms these days without squeezing the heck out of our breast. Those old machines for someone like me with painful breast 24/7?
    Hurt like heck! Two years in a row they found lumps in my breast and I too went for the ultra sounds etc. Nothing I was told. It will dissolve and go away I was told. I can't even do a self breast exam without having so much pain! Then I found out those old Mammogram machines I'm getting my breast exams with? Are only 75% accurate! After asking this question to my OBGYN?
    "Why are so many women still dying from breast cancer when they go every year for Mammograms? Then I got that disturbing news about how accurate those old fashioned machines really are! The new mammogram test are 99.9% accurate.
    (Actually they're not new anymore. They've been doing mammograms this new way for over 20 years!) These old machines can't get detect or take pictures of lumps under our arms on the sides of the breast.
    sometimes I wonder if a man designed this torture breast exam with these machines killing our breast checking for lumps while our breast are held in a VICE!
    (If a man was having this done to him? I can bet these old fashion mammogram machines wouldn't be so painful for men if it was them instead of us having to go through these horrible pancake vice squishing machines to check for lumps.)
    Bottom-Line for my painful breast? Fibromyalgia is the answer I was diagnosed with & must of had this illness since a young age but it took over 12 years to diagnose me with this illness. Then I'm Diag with MS last Feb 2017. I went from being a Prof. Chef to a fogged out zombie who lives with nerve pain and all other types of pains from head to toe. Plus two possible spinal surgeries to look forward to! C-spine and lower lumbar spine!
    And whoever said that opioids are addictive? Not true in my case! Anyway! If you take the drug only has needed? You won't get addicted to them. I never once had to use more then I'm prescribed for over 20 years! I was told 20 years ago to take 6 30 MG a day of oxys. If I did that? I wouldn't be able to function. I take only has needed. I can go weeks without having to take but 3 halves in a day and not 6! If you take more then your suppose to? Then you may get hooked. But I can't understand why anyone would take even 2 at a time? Since they put you to sleep if you take just two! Who wants to sleep all day? But I do believe women know their own body and if you feel something's wrong with yours? Be persistent and get 2nd, 3rd and 4th opinions of you have to.
    Don't ever settle for one opinion!
    God Bless You!