• over 1 year ago

    Rectum, vaginal and pelvis pain

    Have troubled periods since the beginning but since last few years a different kind of pain has added to it, which is even during and after periods when unable to poop, i have a shooting pain in my lower pelvis followed with pain in the rectum and vagina which is unbearable (almost like killing me) and then it leads to bleeding from vagina. So much so that im confused to puke or poop. Pooping is almost impossible during that time and the pressure eventually leads to bleeding from my vagina. I cant sit and keep walking in a dizzy state. Either go for a vovoran injection (if its a gas problem which i guess) or use a hot watet bag. At times i run or jog thinking it will help the pain but it just aggrevates the pain. Is it IBS or something else as it is affecting my daily life. Do i have a cancer? Almost always i feel this pain especially when constipated. Pain in all these 3 areas...it’s almost like my genetals will burst! It is during such times that i feel like ending my life as it is so unexplainable and torturous.
    P.S. I smoke a lot. I dont have golbladder as it was removed a few years ago. My eating habit actually is screwed as when I eat i feel like running to the loo coz of no gol bladder. I always have either constipation or loose motion. My life is actualy dependent on my pooping habit as to how do i clear my system daily and that really has restricted me from doin so many things. Help me what is this pain...please!!!