• over 2 years ago

    UTI ?

    I had a UTI about 2 years ago and before I had gotten it treated it was the most uncomfortable thing I might have ever experienced, not to mention painful. So after that I had always taken precautions to avoid them and never got one after. On Sunday night I slept with my boyfriend, we both fell asleep like immediately and I didn’t use the bathroom after. On Tuesday afternoon my stomach started to feel a little uncomfortable and I kind of panicked, like this feels like a UTI a little bit, I was at work until late so I just began to drink a ton of water. The more and more I went to the bathroom the more the side effects went away. By the end of the night there was no longer a tingle when I was using the bathroom and my stomach didn’t hurt anymore. I just was using the bathroom constantly, but I associated that with the insane amount of water I drank.

    On Wednesday I woke up and I was using the bathroom more frequently than normal but when I was using it was doing a full pee not like how you go to the bathroom when you have a UTI. All Wednesday I was just using the bathroom a lot and I was like well maybe that’s still from the water & I was still drinking a good amount of water on Wednesday.

    Well now it’s Thursday and I’m still having the very full bladder feeling. It’s like I’ll use the bathroom and 15-20 minutes later my bladder is like omg go now!!! But that is the only thing I’m experiencing.

    I haven’t made it to a patient 1st or a urgent care yet because of my work schedule, I’m not off until the weekends and it hasn’t really been painful like the last UTI i had, it’s really just been more annoying than anything.

    Does this sound like a UTI? Just without a lot of the other symptoms? Or what else could be causing this?


  • over 2 years ago

    RE: UTI ?

    Hi Now its sounds like your bladder keeps getting full as the water in your body wants to get out, urgency could be from your sphincter muscle could be weak try doing some kegels to strengthen it back up, just google kegels for women, all you need to know your find, all pretty easy and can be done anywhere you like.