• 8 months ago

    extremely unusual period

    I am a 19 year old female who is not on birth control. I basically have the most predictable period; always comes on time right in the morning with horrible cramps, then the next few days are relatively heavy and then it slowly becomes less and less. This month, though, i noticed some brown spotting about a week before my expected period (i was sexually active once this month but used a condom) and this lasted for about two days, and now today which is the third day, i noticed the same brown spotting but when i wiped after using the bathroom there was blood, as well as when i urinate there is a lot of blood and a few things that look like clots. But still, when i wear a pad only a bit of brown spotting comes out, but when i tried a tampon today, it was full with red blood (how it normally would) i am experiencing very minor cramps which are nothing like what im used to, and a very very slight on and off burning sensation. i did have a yeast infection earlier in the month but it was completely cleared. Can someone please tell me what they think the cause of this may be?