• 8 months ago

    Highly Irregular Period

    Im 21 years old and my period has never been on a regular schedule.
    In highschool I used to get months where i wouldnt have one at all, ones where there was barely any blood and other ones where I would bleed heavily.
    I’ve recently begun to become sexually active and my period has started to come TWICE a month.

    Each period lasts up to 5-7 days and I get a grace period of one or two weeks inbetween each. I started tracking my period on an app and it says my menstraul cycle is 13 days, which isn’t normal I think? I occasionally get sharp pains from my uterus (?) area that I’m not particularly used to since I never used to get menstraul cramps. I’m obviously not pregnant since I’m bleeding so frequently.

    Should I be worried?