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    Possible Endometriosis?

    I believe I may have Endometriosis. I'm sorry, this post may be long. Filled with a lot of anxiety and I can feel depression starting to show it's ugly head.

    It started when I was around 18 years old (Now 27). When I was on my period and needed BM, I would get sharp pains that would last about 30 seconds. Needed pain killers to manage cramps. Breast pains. I normalized it.

    In 2011 I had a miscarriage.
    In 2012 I had my first daughter.
    In 2015 I had my second daughter.
    With both pregnancies I had constant nausea that lasted from week 4 through around week 28-30.

    When I had my first daughter I had a decent amount of energy, lost 30 lbs. Eating healthy. Still had the same issues during my period I was having since I was 18.

    Skip to after the birth of my second daughter in 2015.
    My symptoms have slowly started to worsen since the birth of my second daughter. I'm going to list what I am experiencing now.

    The first few days of my period are the worst.

    During period.
    -Painful cramps that can't be managed without pain killers and sometimes they don't fully work.
    -Heavy bleeding (Started after the birth of my second daughter).
    -Pain with BM.
    -Pain when trying to pass gas.

    Most of the time, on and off period, or when ovulation.
    -Mild cramps.
    -Rectal pressure that come on and off.
    -Neck, back, and lower back pain.
    -Tension in my shoulders.
    -Trouble sleeping.
    -Feeling worn down. Fatigued.
    -Thighs hurt.
    -Arms feel tingly or numb.
    -Always feeling gassy.
    -Sore breasts, sometimes sharp pains.
    -Sometimes sex is painful.

    Since 26 years old, I had to be kicked off my parents insurance. So I have to go to an income based clinic now in my city. Five months ago I was having constant cramping that lasted a month. I had an ultrasound done, nothing was found. X-ray done, just noticed some trapped gas. Doctor didn't do much after that.

    Last Friday I went in again and told her all my symptoms. She ignored all my concerns and pushed me to get a depo shot, sadly I listened and regret it already (lots of dizzy spells). She said its unlikely I have Endo.

    So I found out my local hospital has a financial assistance program and I set an appointment with my OBGYN. Sadly it's not until April 28 (as I write this, today is March 15th). But I'm going to try and push the date.
    I'm scared, body hurting, feeling anxious, somewhat depressed and worn down.

    I'm currently a stay at home mother and attending school online. I took a month off to see what I can do about all this pain and return April 3rd. I have been so stressed and having this pain when I return to school is going to suck :(

    Love my husband, but he doesn't really understand. Feeling pretty alone.


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    RE: Possible Endometriosis?

    Hi As we don't know what have been reading on line try this as it may help, and help you through your appointment. OK


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    RE: Possible Endometriosis?

    Hi! I just read your post and have been living with endometriosis since I was about 20 years old (I will be 43 next month). Unfortunately all the symptoms you are describing point to endo. I have had a couple lazer surgeries to get rid of the endo but it always comes back. I was told that if I got pregnant it would "cure" it but as you know that isn't true. I had two very difficult pregnancies and births. I did have a uterine ablation about 3 years ago and it did seem to help for awhile but for about the last 6 months my symptoms have been getting worse. I'm at the age however that I'm planning on a hysterectomy which is the only true cure. But at your age if you want more children it's of course not an option. I really don't have any answers for you. But make the Dr listen to you if this one doesn't then find another one. I know some men just don't understand what we go through my ex-husband never really understood my moods before and during my period just try to explain to him best you can and maybe take him with you to the Dr so he can ask questions also. As far as dealing with pain I've found that Alieve works best for me. Sometimes it doesn't take all the pain away but it makes it so I can at least function. I'm sure this wasn't all that helpful but at least you know someone else completely understands what you are going through and that might give you a little hope. Let me know how it goes.