• vaginal bleeding post menopause

    Hi, I am 47. I have been menopausal for 3 years. I am on an HRT patch of just estrogen for 2 years. I cant tolerate progesterone. I have also had an endoablation one ovary removedand I did have some endometriosis but I do have 2 children. For about 3 months now periodically I have had vaginal bleeding after a bowel movement. I did have this last year and my Gynie did a hysteroscopy but it was normal except for scar tissue from the ablation. The bleeding has now returned more frequently and heavier now. A couple of months ago i had a normal PAP smear, Should I be concerned


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    RE: vaginal bleeding post menopause

    Hi Tamy - i have no answer but just signed up for this board for the same reason (more or less) that you are posting. I'm also 47 and 3 years post menopause. I started bleeding a little last sunday and had an ultrasound that showed 7mm endometrial wall so I'm scheduled for an in office procedure next Thursday to biopsy. I'm crampy on day 6, but the spotting is now back to brown (started brown, went to red and is now brown again. I dont know when it will quit - I dont know why I'm crampy and i'm stressed about the procedure next week as well as the results. Menopausal anxiety does not help in this process either. I'm not on hormones. What does your doc say for you to do?
      • Hi, I am due to see my Gynie next week. I had a hysteroscopy last nov for same reason but the bleeding was more like a little spotting and my doc wasnt bothered. I had had a previous procedure for heavy periods called a novosure. He said I had a lot of scare tissue from that. I have now been bleeding on and off for 3 weeks and it pretty heavy at times. I have decided im going to ask for a hysterectomy. Let me know what happens
      • Dear cmac47,
        Hope all went well with the biopsy. There are many things that can contribute to postmenopausal bleeding, so don't worry-most are quite readily taken care of.
        Good luck,
        Mary Jane