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    HealthCare Treatment

    I have been diagnosed w/diabetes,high blood pressure &high cholesterol. I understand that patient's feet are suppose to be checked. Due to my race & status, the medical staff treat me as if I have a disease. Before going to my health facility, I take care of all hygienic concerns. Many of their patients are well-to-do. But I'm probably one of their poorer patient. There are other problems, but I still use there services reluctantly.


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    Dear Anonymous,
    Sorry to hear about your care issues. You are indeed correct that people with diabetes should indeed have their feet checked regularly. I hope that you will find some care providers that will be more attentive to your care.
    Good luck,
    Mary Jane
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    Health Care Leadership Article
    Leadership of any type is a big responsibility. Not only are you required performing as a positive guidance to your staff or other employees, you must lead in a certain direction. Mark Sanborn (2011), sums it up for me, “You don’t need a title to be a leader”. When you are within leadership, in my opinion the audience should be able to pick you out of the selection by presentation. You do not have to walk around with “I am the boss” on your shoulder, but be able to direct the organization with compassion and courage. Presentation is important with leadership develop. A leader also looks for ways to improve their organization by developing career development and career path for success. Leaders must not be afraid to give corrective feedback that would help improve their staff.
    Personal though about health care leadership
    In my current position we have two managers and one team leader. On July 16, 2017, both managers were out on scheduled vacation time. The team leader assigned over our team unfortunately called out due to a family illness. As you could imagine working for a health care insurance company in the compliance area, there needs to be leadership around. As compliance calls were received, as a team someone had to step up and be the “leader” for the day. For me, I was ready to go into action to ensure we met our quote and everyone pulled together. I was able to remind everyone of our daily task and the importance to reach it. Although I was not the leader, I did not need the title to ensure everything work out successfully, and it did.
    Traits of an authentic leader
    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was an authentic leader that I looked up to and still do. According to Northhouse (2016), Dr. King believed all people are not born to lead, but they can still have a positive affect within the organization. Leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal. Dr. King was known as a successful leader of the African American civil rights movement in the United States. Although Dr. King was a very educated man, he still believes that education does not make you a leader. You must have that dedication and ambition to lead and direct in a positive way. Dr. King believed being intelligent does not mean that you have to be arrogant because your followers will not respect you.
    Effective exercise in developing the skills and the beneficial towards an authentic leader
    The skills in developing habits of an authentic leader are to have the “I can do it” attitude. This is a must with leading others to success and realistic goals. You want to develop a plan that is short term. The effective exercises I have been taught is when you think of something write it down. It comes to your head for a reason. You may not remember it in a few weeks or so, so right it down first and keep it handy. This exercise will help start putting the strategic planning into play. This is a habit that I have been doing for some time since I started thinking of becoming a leader. This benefit allows me to develop a plan by remembering how important it is to exercise positive planning.
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    RE: HealthCare Treatment

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