• 5 months ago

    After BV treatment labia minora bumps?

    Hi there,
    I recently went and had a std check. Everything came back A ok, both people I had protected sex with. However, I did have a BV problem, so I took metronizole as prescribed and almost immediately after I finished the fishy smell returned and these irritation bumps came with on my labia minora. They look similar to a skin tag and are pretty spread out. I looked online and the only thing I can find is, " AHH you have herpes" or "AHH you have warts". Mind you, I have my HPV shots and I've had these bumps before and my doctor told me they were normal. They faded the last time I had them and then came back. I'm wondering if they can have something to do with my hormones? As my period is here in a few days and I remember last time I had these they took were in the proximity of PMSing and the such. Theyre sort of rough to touch and I tried the vinegar test but they didn't turn out white. As of right now, I have some burning pain in the urethra area and if I touch them they're irritated but nothing severe or unbearable just annoying and they make me self conscious as hell. Please help. I would go to the doctor, but my medical bills are out of control right now.