• 5 months ago

    Vaginal Problems

    Before I go to doctor I just need some information, so if anyone knows what;s wrong with me I will be really happy to know.
    In august I felt itching at one side labia majora. I was at the sea so i thought it was because of sea, this happened few times but I didn't really cared.
    Almost one months ago I felt this itching again, at the same spot. I had some problems so I have been taking medicines so I blame medicines but today I saw dead skin or peeling skin in the same side. I don't think it's yeast infection, because only labia majora itches. Have you ever heard something like this or read about it ???


  • 5 months ago

    RE: Vaginal Problems

    Hi Sea water which is salt water is very good for a vagina and SS is away of fighting a YI, so as this was after you coming home ( I take it ) I think it now could be a YI the itching and the peeling skin point at that. OK