• 6 months ago

    SMELLY HAIR!!! :(

    36 yoa female. Natural curly hair all my life. No perms. No hair color in years. I stay pretty natural with my hair. Straighten it once, sometimes twice, a week. Woke up on 8/20/17, showered, put a towel on my head. Started noticing a bad smell. Like a perm/ammonia smell. Thought it was the towel. Next day - same thing. Realized it was my hair! When I'm washing it, it smells awful. Stinks up the whole bathroom. My husband can smell it if he's in the same room. No changes in hair products, hair tools, etc. There is NO curl left in my hair. It's wirey straight. I had it cut. Next day, looked as if it hadn't been cut in years. Had it cut again - she took over an inch off. Next day - same thing. Stinky, straight, wirey, crunchy, split ends. I'm at a loss. Had a CT scan on 8/17/17 with iodine contrast dye. No other procedures. Please help me figure this out. My ob/gyn is stumped. Thyroid test came back good. Kidney function is good. Bladder is good. I'm spending so much money on tests and nothing. The CT scan did pick up a functioning ovarian cyst.


  • 5 months ago

    RE: SMELLY HAIR!!! :(

    You maybe having a reaction to the iodine. It is possible that it is exuding from the pores in your scalp.
    You may want to stay away from your straightener for a few days and clean it with a really good cleaner to get rid of any iodine that may be on it.
    Also if possible try Neutrogena T-Sal shampoo. This shampoo is high in sulphur.
    I don't work for, nor am I affiliated with Neutrogena. I just happen to know this is a good product and I have used it my self.
    I have never used a hair straightener, but I can imagine the damage that may do to your hair.