• 6 months ago

    sore clitoris for too long!!

    hello, so ~10 months ago i tried masturbating but i must have done something wrong because my clitoris became sore so i stopped, but then i kept trying again soon after for some reason and each time i hurt because it hadn't healed, until the pain just stayed, until now, i was waiting it out but it just stayed, it's still super sensitive and hurts at the lightest touch... i've tried many things like antiseptics and creams for bruises. i recently started taking vitamins. i don't wanna go see a doctor because 1) i'm 17 and i'd have to tell my parents 2) i suffer from anxiety and i know i wouldn't be able to get the words out of my mouth in the doc's office i know it it freaks me out SO MUCH... i really need a way to fix this by myself as i know going to the doctor's isn't an option for me... please help, what could i do to ease the pain, make my clitoris recover?